CMGS Infra is a private company engaged in the field of services Consulting Services Engineering & Construction has received support since the founding of experts from disciplines. Most of them (experts) are retained-consultants and other entities are part-time workers who were involved during the project  with experiences that are mature enough personnel in their respective fields.

   As a business entity CMGS Infra is still relatively young, but on the way already gained the confidence of the various parties, it is because we are able to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with various parties, both from the services of government and private agencies. Aside from these partners have good intentions to cooperate, this success also because it is supported by a professional work ethic.

   Of course, this information is not sufficient, for which we compile information about our company as a guide towards cooperation.

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Donggi Senoro liquefied natural gas

Structure and MEP Consultant

Zero Run Off Drainage Concept

Infrastructure Consultant Palu City Square

Consultant Infrastructure Jungle Festival Bogor

Infrastructure Consultant LIDO SukaBumi
(macro 1300Ha & micro 250Ha)

Infrastructure Consultant Casa de Viola Manado Sulawesi Utara

Infrastructure Consultant JABABEKA
Cikarang East Java

Infrastructure Consultant Pantai Indah Kapuk.
North Jakarta

Infrastructure Consultant BSD (2100 Ha)

Infrastructure Consultant DELTAMAS (Flood Management)

Infrastructure Consultant BNR Bogor (12 Ha)